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 Rank Rules

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PostSubject: Rank Rules   Tue Jun 25, 2013 5:45 pm

Rank Rules

These rules will both define the rank and what they are and are not allowed to do. Some examples are the limitation to jutsu, what they can and can't start with, and more.

Academy Student: The most basic of ranks. So low on the Shinobi food-chain that they have been declared to not even be shinobi yet. This rank is the starting rank for ALL new members.

- Cannot start with jutsu

- May start with three D Ranked UK's.

- Cannot Start with weapons, though can buy them In Character

- Can only use up to C ranked jutsu

Genin: The next level up for Academy Students. This is the most basic rank for all shinobi, as it is an official rank for them. Genin is the equivalent to D rank.

- Have a headband

- Can take D ranked missions by themselves.

- Can take up to C Ranked missions with their genin squad.

- Can start with D ranked jutsu, and one C ranked

- Can only start with basic (E ranked) weapons

- Put on a team of four, with two other genin and a Jounin. Not of their choosing.

- Can use up to A ranked jutsu.

- Can only learn up to C ranked jutsu without the aid of a Jounin or Chuunin, or someone who knows the jutsu. Can learn up to B ranked Clan jutsu, if any.

Chuunin: A more advanced rank for shinobi. Upon receiving this rank they obtain more privileges. This rank is the equivalent of C Rank.

- Leads their team, depending on other's ranks. If they've been Chuunin the longer or is the higher ranking shinobi in the group they lead.

- Can use up to S Ranked Jutsu.

- Can learn up to A Ranked Jutsu without the help of a Jounin or someone who knows the jutsu.

- Can take B Ranking missions by themselves.

- Can take A Ranked missions with others.

- Can join special organizations such as ANBU and the medical corps.

Jounin: Jounin being the highest rank besides kage and ANBU. ANBU not being exactly a rank, though is considered to be. Jounin receives much more privileges than any other rank, below them.

- Can lead a genin squad.

- Can use up SS Ranked Jutsu

- Can learn all ranked jutsu.

- Can take A ranked missions alone

- Can take S ranked missions with a team

ANBU: A special organization/Rank that only the kage can assign. They are more undercover than most other ranks and take on higher ranking missions, which are mainly dangerous.

- Can take S Ranked missions alone.

- Can learn all ranked jutsu

Kage: A really special rank. Only one shinobi at a time can occupy the Kage rank of their village. This shinobi usually is the most powerful throughout the village, and their country, however is not required to be. Besides the ability to create laws, Kage rank can be quite boring due to the fact that they are limited in what they can do, what with being the most important person in the village.

- Can change exams. (Can make Konoha's exams Kirigakure's Bloody Mist exams, etc.)

- Can make laws for their villages

- Can hand out the village's Kinjutsu to special shinobi of their choosing, with the permission of the village elders. (Village elders = Admins. To avoid everyone from getting FTG, Rasengan, Multi Shadow clone, etc.)

Ranking Up

Academy Student > Genin: Take the genin exams. Genin exams vary between villages depending on your kage. Must have been an academy student for a week.

Genin > Chuunin: Take the Chuunin Exams. Chuunin exams vary between villages depending on your kage. Must have been a genin for a month. Another option is to complete ten D ranking missions, and eight C ranking missions, your rank up will be given after you've been a genin for a month.

Chuunin > Jounin: Get two Jounin to recommend you for the rank, and Kage's approval to take the Jounin exam. Jounin exams vary between villages depending on your kage. Another option is to take 15 B Ranked missions, 10 A Ranked missions, 5 C Ranked missions, and 30 D Ranked missions, not including any missions you have taken before Chuunin.

Chuunin > ANBU: Have Kage assign you as an ANBU member.

Jounin > ANBU: Have Kage assign you as an ANBU member.

Kage: To gain Kage, you must be elected by a shinobi counsel, who will be selected by admins.
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Rank Rules
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