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 UK, Training

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Uchiha Alexis

Uchiha Alexis

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PostSubject: UK, Training   Sun Nov 20, 2011 11:49 am

Learning: Venomist
This Unique Knowledge grants the user and expert insight of venoms. They loose the ability to create restorative potions. This Unique Knowledge requires Alchemist. This Unique Knowledge may not be taken with the Apothecary Unique Knowledge.

Alexis had gotten up from her chair, and slowly went near a wall, she opened it it a hidden lever, and went inside the door inside closed, the room was dark and even lights won't help in this thick darkness, lucky for her she can see perfectly fine because she was a vampire. She moved along swaying her hips, as she walked dead bodies layed there drained of blood. She walked slowly, and silently. And then slowly, ended up with a doddled do do. Coming near a room, she switched the lights on, and took a potion, of empty vail, and begun chopping entertaining. It was rather an entering out look, she was rather found of this, she mixed rat poison, and demise, rat's tail, dragon's horn, chopped dog's liver. into her pot. Which was rather annoying at first, but not to her. She then sorted it around before slowly. Putting Women's and Men's blood into it, she waited for two or three hours for it to past by, before she smelled it. It was rather perfect but something was missing something of great value, she sighed and spoke."I guess I forgot one thing, Man's balls and penis."She said as she giggled, before putting the three of them in. She sighed and waited for a while, it was however worth the wait seeing as all she did was read about potions and how to make them deadly, she waited and waited, before finally, they they meaning the pot, went into a steam smoke, which meant is was ready for pouring down into the empty vial to fill up. She placed the book down and got up, she placed her nose near it, and smelled it, was good smelling, smelled and almost tasted like sperm. Either way she grabbed a opening, reached down to get the water state like vermin poison, and slowly begun pouring it into the vial. As she poured it down it was gluy like state and jelly like, god knows what she made, because she had not the slightly idea, however judging by the smell, and quietly of it it was very deadly. After doing so she closed the vial top, placed it in a storage, closed the lights and left back to her office.

(378 words.)
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UK, Training
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