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This is a naruto text based RP forum.
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Travel rules have been added! It now takes 24 RL hours to travel between countries! A travel thread must be made and be linked to in your new topic!
We only need 2 eval mods, and we will hold onto an application for 1 RP mod! Please apply to join the wonderful staff of Shinobi Reborn today!
Good luck to everyone partaking in the event! May the best team win!
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RP Rules:
1.No God Mod. This Is a no-brainer, however it still must be said. Godmodding is any character being "unkillable" or "Unhittable" or "unbeatable" When they logically can be hit, beaten, or killed. Please do not do this. It will result in Immediate character death, repeat offenders will get temporary bans. constant repeat offenders will get an IP ban. 2. Don't metagame. This is also a no-brainer, and still must be said. Metagaming is taking outside information, and using it in character. Such as, someone says in the cbox, "My character's only weakness is his love for, such and such a character. But no one knows that." And then your character goes off and kidnaps that other character, because you and that person has an IC beef. That would be metagaming. It will result in a warning, then character death, then temporary bans, finally, IP ban. 3. Fulfill word requirements. Average number of words depends on each rank. D rank - 75 C rank - 100 B rank - 125 A rank - 150 S rank - 175 This is not used to force you to work. These are set to make the site as a whole look better so new members will be happy to join, and it's also set to help you as an RPer. These will not be STRICTLY enforced, however, if I notice an S rank barely doing 100 words, or even a genin doing 75 words, I will say something. 4. Please rate your RPs. If there's extreme violence, or swearing, or anything in a graphic sense, please don't hesitate to tell us. You can find the ratings here.
General Rules:
1. Don't be aggressive towards anyone. This is an RP site, and I'd like everyone to be nice to each other. I understand issues may spur and arguments may appear, but don't take it to heart. If there is an ongoing problem with another member or mod, take it up with ShadowofDeath in a PM. I will take care of it. 2.Respect us and we'll respect you in return. You must give something in order to earn it. Please respect all members and don't spew off any derogatory messages ANYWHERE on the forum. We do have members of all genders, races, sexual orientations, and religions. Please don't disrespect any of these, or this will result in an immediate ban. 3. Just be nice. It isn't that hard. This goes hand in hand with the first two rules. 4. Finally, do not give the Admins or Mods an attitude. They work hard (most of them) and do their best to make this site a better place for everyone. Please do not insult or bash them in any way. This is a bannable offense. 5. Trolling. Though it is funny sometimes, Don't do it. It wastes members time, and it causes issues within the staff having to deal with this. If your only going to join a site to insult people, you must have no life. I will not hesitate to ban a troll. My finger twitches over the IP ban button, so don't do it. And trust me, I'm an Information Technology Professional, and I know how to work VPNs and IP Changers. If you don't know what I'm talking about, then I have no worries with you.
Chat Box Rules
1.No virusing links in the chatbox. It's not funny at all to give someone a virus, and I will immediately ban someone for doing this. I hope members will PM ShadowofDeath with anyone who sends out a virusing link. 2.Please don't send links to sites that we aren't affilated with us in any way. You may send links that are affiliates or advertised links, and we will allow Youtube and wiki links, but please do not put links of other sites into the chatbox unless we are affiliated or advertised with them. This will result in a 2 day chatbox ban. 3. Respect everyone in the Cbox. Even if they might be your enemy. This is the internet, and I would hope you wouldn't take anything said here to heart, but some people do. As long as you show respect no matter what's going on, you will not get in trouble at all. This will result in a 24 hour chatbox ban. 4. No trolling. This rule is the same as the one set for the general rules. This is a bannable offense. Please do not break it. This will result in a 7 day chatbox ban for first time offenders. 5. No spamming of any kind. Please don't repeatedly type nonsense into the chatbox. This will result in a 12 hour chatbox ban. If you wish for something to be cleared, ask a chatbox moderator (Anyone with an @). If one is not available, wait for it to clear itself. If your trying to hide something from someone, then you shouldn't be saying it in the first place. 6. No inappropriate languge. Swearing from time to time is fine, since you'll notice a lot of the staff doing it. But don't bring a problem into the chatbox that will cause you to swear every word or every other word. It's unecessary and makes you look unintelligent. If all you post is swearing in the chatobox, it will result in a 12 hour chatbox ban.